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Meet the Trick Riders

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Both girls have performed in a total of 8 states including: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, California, Washington, and North Dakota. They have also trained their own horses with help from each other, and their dad, Cody Flitton. 

About Kate

  1. Trained by: Kate received training and guidance from a diverse group of rodeo professionals and organizations, which includes:

    • Keith Isley

    • Ginger Duke

    • Dusty Barrett

    • Bethany Kiesner

    • Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls

    • John Harrison

    • Jessica Blair Fowlkes

    • Haley Proctor

    • Kansas Carradine

  2. Experience: She has accumulated 10 years of experience in the rodeo world, which is quite remarkable. Her journey started at a young age, beginning at 7 years old and continuing at 17 years old. This decade of experience provided Kate with valuable skills, knowledge, and insights into the rodeo industry.

  3. Specialty Act: In 2017, Kate had the opportunity to perform as a specialty act Roman riding and trick riding with Dusty Barrett at the Salinas, California Rodeo. This suggests that Kate was skilled and talented enough to be featured in a significant event in the rodeo calendar, showcasing her abilities and entertainment value.

  4. Training Her Own Horse: One notable accomplishment is that Kate trained her own horse, Trigger, with assistance from her dad. This is a testament to her dedication and commitment to the rodeo lifestyle. Training a trick riding horse is a significant undertaking that requires a deep understanding of horsemanship and the specific skills needed for rodeo events.

Overall, Kate's experience and achievements in the rodeo world are impressive, demonstrating a strong work ethic, commitment, and a love for rodeo sports.


About Tera

  1. Trained by: Tera has been trained by Bethany Kiesner, Jessica Blair Fowlkes, Haley Proctor, Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls, and Kansas Carradine. She embarked on an incredible journey in the sport of trick riding at the age of 8 and continues at age 12. These mentors provided her with valuable insights, techniques, and knowledge that were instrumental in her success.

  2. Experience: Tera's four-year journey has been characterized by impressive accomplishments and personal growth. Tera's performances were not confined to her local area; she has had the opportunity to showcase her skills in eight different states across the United States. These states include Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, Washington, California, and North Dakota. Traveling and performing in such a wide range of locations has been an enriching experience, allowing her to reach diverse audiences and gain valuable exposure in the trick riding community. She loves meeting the fans during autograph sessions!

  3. Training her own horse: One of the standout achievements of Tera is her ability to train her own horse, named Asari. This is a remarkable feat for anyone, especially for someone as young as she was during the training process. With the assistance of her dad and sister, she undertook the challenging task of transforming a horse into a capable and reliable partner for trick riding. This not only required tremendous patience but also a deep understanding of horse behavior and training techniques.

 Her ability to train her own horse, coupled with performances in multiple states alongside her sister, demonstrates her commitment and love for trick riding. This remarkable journey, guided by her mentors and supported by her family, showcases her exceptional talent and the potential for a promising future in the world of trick riding.

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